My name is Marek Zaluski.
I'm a technology consultant, strategist, programmer, hacker and maker.

My expertise is helping tech startups architect, build and scale their tech products.

I create projects at the intersections of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

I have an interest in fueling innovation, technology education, and cross-disciplinary applications of technology.

I'm the founder of Lab Zed, an innovation-oriented tech consultancy. Since 2013, I advise and consult tech startups on tech strategy and execution, with a focus on lean innovation and rapid iteration.

A few clients that I've worked with

I co-founded and served as CTO of WhoPaid.It, an online expense-tracking SaaS product.

Our work looked at the nature and fabric of social expenses and peer-to-peer payments. We explored ideas surrounding micro-payment transactions, social payment data analytics, consumer profiling, and segmenting.

WhoPaid.It was launched in 2012.

Montreal's tech entrepreneurship community

I've co-organized and mentored several Startup Weekend events, namely Startup Weekdend Montreal at Concordia University, and Startup Weekend Education Edition. I've participated in Startup Weekend Montreal, and Startup Weekend Ottawa at the US Embassy.

Startup Weekend is a community event that challenges teams of participants to validate, build, and launch a startup in 54 hours.

I founded Startup Talks and Startup Tech Talks with the goal of fostering tech startup community in Montreal and promoting idea sharing and knowledge exchange between tech entrepreneurs.

Startup Talks highlights the stories of local tech entrepreneurs and their experiences.

Startup Tech Talks features CTOs and lead developers from fast-moving startups with a focus on the technical aspects of running and growing a startup.

Collaborations and awards

I'm a programmer, hacker, and maker at heart. Here are a few hackathons that I participated in.

I took part in Hacking Health, an initiative that brings together technology creators and healthcare professionals to collaborate on human-centric solutions to healthcare problems.

My project looked at the relationships between open databases of drugs and diseases, using linked data sources to build a cross-referencing tool for describing drug indications and contraindications alongside potential drug interactions.

The work was presented at the Hacking Health event at Centre hospitalier universitaire Ste-Justine.

I participated in MuseoMix Montreal, a collaborative 3-day museum remix event combining technology, art, and creativity with the goal of reinventing and augmenting the museum experience.

My team's project was an interactive installation built as a temporary exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal).