Marek Zaluski
Technology Consultant

Work & Expertise



I co-founded and served as CTO of WhoPaid.It, an online expense-tracking service and app.

Our work looked at the nature and fabric of social expenses and peer-to-peer payments. We explored ideas surrounding micro-payment transactions and social payment data analytics.

WhoPaid.It was launched in 2012.

Innovation Projects

I’ve participated in a lot of hackathons. A hackathon is a programming competition. Here are some prizes I’ve won.

Hacking Health

I took part in Hacking Health, an initiative that brings together technology creators and healthcare professionals to collaborate on human-centric solutions to healthcare problems.

My project looked at the relationships between open databases of drugs and diseases, using linked data sources to build a cross-referencing tool for describing drug indications and contraindications alongside potential drug interactions.

The work was presented at the Hacking Health event at Centre hospitalier universitaire Ste-Justine.


I participated in MuseoMix Montreal, a collaborative 3-day museum remix event combining technology, art, and creativity with the goal of reinventing and augmenting the museum experience.

My team’s project was an interactive installation built as a temporary exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal).